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After School Programs

Raise school grades with flexible schedule

TEST PREP |  Founded in 2003, we specialize in preparation for various standardized tests (SAT1, SAT2, ACT, AP). Our small class provide students to ask questions individually and effectively. Students can experience mock tests with real test materials under exam conditions, which allow them to perfect their scores leading up to their official exam. Students apply the techniques that they are taught in class with 10 mock exams, which help instructors to assess and target areas of weaknesses. Scores are 100% guaranteed to increase with the attention and practice provided.

MANAGE SCHOOL GRADES: QUIZ / TEST | SEM Education's after school program is a self-paced individualized curriculum. Each student receives the guidance and support they need to achieve their goals. Self-pacing enables them to have achieved skill mastery before taking a quizzes/tests at school. Tutors focus on specific strengths and weaknesses at a pace that is appropriate for each student individually. Students receive more practice for homework on their weaknesses.



Our Instructors are highly experienced and subject-specific. They achieved a perfect SAT scores in the subjects they teach. They have been involved with the College Board AP program and has taught for at least 16 years in Fairfax County, VA.


Mathematics: AP Calculus, Precalculus, Algebra 1,2, Geometry

Science: AP Physics, AP Chemistry, Physics(HN), Chemistry (HN), Biology

Computer Science

History: AP World History, AP US/VA History


Each session is 2 hours. We understand everyone has a busy schedule in high school. Since our after school courses are offered on-demand, the schedule you choose is completely flexible. You are free to change your schedule.

Business Open Hour: 3:00-8:00pm Mon-Friday. 



Package rate starts as low as $30/hr for 9th-12th grade.


분야 전문 최고의 튜터가 학교 성적, 내신 관리, 선행학습을 관리합니다.

학생 개개인에 맞추어 커리큘럼이 짜여집니다.

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In Person

3913 Old Lee Hwy. 33A.

Fairfax, VA 22030

Over the Phone


(703) 965-8530

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